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Successful 9-layer blown film system debut by GET

Released on:[2012/8/10]    Read[5920]

Establish a little less four years ago in Shunde, Foshan, General Extrusion Technology(GET), is making a splash within the industry by successfully showing off its first 9-layer coex line, or call it first such sophisticated line made by a Chinese extruder company.

In a telephone interview, Mr. Jian Peng, General Manager of the company, said  "This 9-layer coex line was purchased last December by the same customer who has our first 7-layer coex line.  On 17th of June, we run the line for customer's pre-shipping acceptance at our company and the trial was very successful. Both customer and us are pleased with the results.  I still remembered the situation with this customer about two years ago on our first 7-layer coex run.  Both ourselves and our customer were skeptical, but this time we are very confident because we knew it will be a success. Both symmetrical and asymmetrical film structures with three nylon and one EVOH layers were tested and it took about 100 kg of EVOH and 500 kg of nylon to satisfy the requirement of the customer.  It is definitely another milestone for GET.  Now, we have full sets of blown film extrusion technologies ready to meet most of flexible packaging applications from the market.  I have never expected we can come to this point this fast since I started up the company in less four years ago.  I always believe that success of the company is measured more by the technology not by the size.  We want to be a technology company and what we were doing for the past few years approved that we are doing the right thing and we are continuing doing that.  Very soon, we are moving to a 8,000 square meter brand new facility and I am sure this will help us to meet the increase demand of the market."p

This 9-layer blown film system is equipped with nine 60 mm smooth bore extruders, a 500 mm low profile spiral mandrel 9-layer co-extrusion die, Autoprofile air ring with 116 control zones, horizontal oscillating haul-off, all designed, manufactured and assembled by GET. The complete line control system is provided by Doteco of Italy, barrier gauge by Kundig of Switzerland and IBC controls by Dr. Joseph of USA.

The customer will use the new line to extrude asymmetric barrier structure with nylon and EVOH at the thickness arrange from 20-200 um and width upto 1,800 mm, for an output of upto 450 kg/h. 

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